Wedding Dress Embellishments and Decorations 101

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wedding dress designs
There is more to the wedding dress than it meets the eye
So you’ve got the perfect wedding dress, but you feel as if there’s still something lacking. It’s not uncommon these days for most brides to add a little “something” to their dresses to give the wedding dress a more unique feel. These simple additions are called wedding dress decorations and embellishments.

A little something “extra” can give your dress that little boost to make it a jaw-dropping, spectacular and completely incomparable number. The embellishments and decorations you add to your gown can set your dress apart in a sea of ordinary and generic-looking wedding gowns.

Think about it; why spend thousands of dollars on a designer wedding dress when a little detailing and some embellishments can turn your $100 bargain dress into a luxurious gown? Enhance your gown with the right wedding dress decorations and embellishments.

The following is a list of techniques you can use to add some embellishments to your wedding dress.

Understanding the Use of Appliqués

The word appliqués refer to some additional fabric items that can be used to create intricate designs on clothing and accessories. The following are some examples of popular appliqués.

    flower dress designs
    A wedding dress designed with flowers

  • Small Flowers: Add some three-dimensional fabric flowers to your gown for a completely feminine look. You can also add these flowers to your veil and your dress for a more coordinated overall look.
  • Ribbons, Sashes and Bows: Remember those flower girl dresses you used to abhor wearing as a child? Modify that overly-accessorized look by going for strategically placed ribbons, sashes and bows on your wedding dress, gloves and veil. A colored ribbon or sash tied to the waist of your dress can be a great way to add color.
  • Beading: This is perhaps the most commonly used appliqué technique. You can use freshwater pearls, glass beads and even real rhinestones and semi-precious gems as part of your attire. The right beading can help emphasize a particularly stylish neckline or hemline. You can also use beading to help bring a little sparkle to your gown.

Explaining the Art of Embroidery

embroidery designs
Black and white embroidery on the gown

Embroidery is an old technique that was used centuries ago to create wonderful patterns on fabrics. Today, most fabric designers still use this technique to add unique patterns to ordinary cloth.

This is the product of fine and oftentimes manual needlework that uses a mesh of multi-colored threads to create curls, floral designs and swirls on the wedding dress. Sometimes embroidery can be used with beading to create complex designs on the fabric of your gown.

Another great way to add color to a white wedding dress is, for a softer, more feminine appearance, to use pastel colors for your gown’s embroidery.

A Tribute to Tradition: the Corset

the wedding corset
Cream silk dupion corseted fishtail wedding gown

Wearing a corset was an extremely popular practice a few centuries back. Today, some modern brides use the corset and modern adaptations of this clothing accessory to bring a luxurious and elegant look to the wedding dress.

Due to its tight nature, the corset is often used to mask unsightly bulges and to help bring shape and focus to the bride’s assets.

Some women use the corset as a way to enhance a healthy bosom or to draw attention to an already small waist.

Belts and Brooches

A belt, whether it’s a belt sash or a metal belt, is a great way to bring attention to your waist area. A wide belt can be used to create the illusion of a perfect figure, while a thin sash used as a belt can be added to your empire-waist gown for a more dramatic and feminine look.

Brooches can be used on your sash belt to add more glitter and glamor to your outfit.

You can use a number of different techniques to add detailing and embellishments to your gown. Be wary, however, of over-decorating your wedding dress. You wouldn’t want your gown to upstage you at your own wedding, right?

Check out these collection of wedding dresses and their embellishments.

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