Mandarin Collar Tuxedos: Revolutionizing Tuxedo Styles

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Bride and groom
The bride and groom: both should look good
While most grooms think that it’s the bride’s job to be the looker of the couple, wouldn’t it be nice if every guest could understand exactly why your significant other chose you as her perfect mate? You don’t have to be Brad Pitt or George Clooney to look every bit your bride’s prince charming, but being well-dressed does speak volumes of how attractive and charming you truly are. Impress your hard-to-please in-laws and make your bride’s ex-boyfriends green with envy with the perfect tuxedo that even James Bond would envy.

You could easily excuse a shabby appearance to manly disdain for fashion; but these days, more and more grooms are becoming wardrobe-conscious and fashion savvy. Today, it’s not just about looking presentable; it’s about having your own personality shine through, even while wearing a conventional tux.

The Mandarin Collar Tuxedo

The mandarin collar tuxedo, also called the Mao or the Nehru jacket, is the perfect example of how tuxedo styles have evolved in the last few years. What makes this tuxedo style so distinct from its safe yet humdrum counterparts is its non-adherence to the popular lapel styles.

Mandarin collar tuxedo
A white mandarin collar tuxedo from
Instead of having a "V-shaped" or a deep oblong opening that you observe from notch, peak and shawl lapels, the mandarin collar tuxedo comes with a high, rounded neckline that usually includes a band collar. The absence of the lapels and the stand-up collar is the perfect reason to forgo the traditional tie. These jackets come sans-fastening or with a single row of buttons that can be fastened closed, partially buttoned or fully open depending on how you choose to wear your coat.

If you’re going for minimal designs, find a mandarin collar tuxedo sans buttons and pockets. If you want to include a carefully ironed kerchief as part of your attire, find a mandarin collar tuxedo with buttons and a pocket

For a morning wedding, pick a white or dark gray mandarin collar tuxedo, but refrain from wearing black. For night time ceremonies, the black mandarin collar tuxedo is the perfect choice.

Accessorizing the Mandarin Collar Tuxedo

Mirage black mandarin collar tuxedo
A mirage black mandarin collar tuxedo accesorized with accordion-pleated fullback vest and black satin cravat from
Accessorizing this contemporary tuxedo depends on the type of mandarin collar tuxedo you purchased and whether you’re wearing your tuxedo coat open or closed.

Whether you plan on keeping things closed or exposed, it’s important that you pair your tuxedo with the right shirt. A white band collar shirt or a mandarin collar tuxedo shirt is the perfect match for this stylish and contemporary tuxedo style. If you’re going for a vest, pick a color that either provides great contrast against your tuxedo color or matches your tuxedo perfectly.

For a black mandarin collar tuxedo, a gray or a black vest will look exceptionally good against a stark white band shirt. If you’re after a stylish and yet unified appearance, go for an all-white or ivory-on-ivory ensemble.

When to Wear the Mandarin Collar Tuxedo

Wear this stylish and modern tuxedo to black-tie affairs, semi-formal and formal weddings.

Lots of different tuxedos to choose for your wedding. Check out this video.

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